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"Millionaire lifestyle glasshouse on the water, infinity pool, stonework terracotta"

Those were the exact words of Traidmarc in his latest song
'Black Jeff'

Press Release (excerpt): Hip Hop sensation Traidmarc is a fully fledged artist with a distinct sound so mesmerising it will have you listening intently with chicken hanging down your mouth. Winter and spring is far behind him, summer too; now it’s in the autumn of his years that he scatters like trees. Traidmarc’s success is a result of unyielding labour of love underpinned with over a decade of relentless creative exhuberance. He is unquestionably one of the best rap artists of our time. - Amanda Livingstone.

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Traidmarc News

2SER 107.3FM (Traidmarc radio interview)

With the music industry decimated by COVID, many artists have begun learning the skills they require to create, produce and release their music.. Read the full article and listen to the interview...


Daily Bulletin (Australian News)

In the spring of 2000, Traidmarc suffered a devastating setback that nearly cost him his life. .. Read the full article...

Traidmarc News

RPP 98.7FM (Traidmarc radio interview)

Rapper, Songwriter and Producer, Traidmarc, was on the show this week talking about his rise to fame from an unbelievable low bass... See post...

Traidmarc News


Singer, songwriter, producer and rap musician, Traidmarc, is calling on all Australians to support the music industry. Artists, entertainers and musicians have been hit hard by COVID-19.. Read more...

Traidmarc News


He is considered a leader for many across the community because of his work ethic, determination to help others and his innate sense of.. Read more...

Traidmarc News

VIW MAGAZINE (Traidmarc interview)

“The statistics have been alarming. In Australia, and across the world, the incidence of people struggling with poor mental health has significantly increased since the beginning of the pandemic,” Traidmarc said... Read more...

Traidmarc News


Traidmarc is a musician and entrepreneur on a mission to change the world entirely. He believes that COVID is challenging humanity in many ways and bringing out the best and worst in people... Read more...

Traidmarc News


COVID is having a damaging impact on the livelihood of artists all over the world, but one iconic rapper is calling on artists to take advantage of the pandemic. Traidmarc wants artists to use the disruption and chaos to their benefit... Read more...

Traidmarc News


“My story has never been a fairy tale – the plot has been thicker than most. I have learnt a lot over the years. I believe my upcoming album, The Epilogue, will be a ray of hope amidst... Read more...

Traidmarc News


Traidmarc is Back - and Better Than Ever - With Debut of Hip Hop Chartbusters - U Got Me and Black Jeff.. Read more...

Traidmarc News

Disrupt Magazine

Traidmarc Went From Broke To Entertainment & Music Icon, And Now He’s Helping Others... Read more...

Traidmarc News


Traidmarc’s style is influenced by artists such as Tupac, and he lives by the famous quote by Tupac: "I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.".. Read more...

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