The making of international superstar, Traidmarc.

The beginning


He heard something that he knew to be music

International music sensation & entertainment mogul Traidmarc was originally born in West Africa, Nigeria, where he’d spent his earliest years surrounded by music. The proud son of an amazing mother, who singlehandedly raised Traidmarc and his seven brothers & sisters; her job as a teacher would lead them all to relocate to London, where the young artist took his first steps towards his music-career. Writing & creating songs in the garage of the family home in Blackheath, Greenwich, as he grew up – Traidmarc connected to a passion through music that quickly became a powerful & lifelong obsession.

He suffered a devastating setback that nearly cost him his life in a horrific & brutal car crash back in the spring of 2000. Waking up a full day later in the hospital to learn he’d survived, after being pronounced dead by the doctors when his heart had stopped only hours before…changed his entire perspective, his motivation, and his whole world-view altogether. It was in almost dying that Traidmarc was truly born.

Though he went on to fully recover, the rest of Traidmarc’s life was still fragmented. Discovering one day that his bank account was overdrawn by a mere twenty-dollars and he was completely broke – he reached that

clarity he needed, made a commitment to change, and began to pursue his real destiny.

With a pivotal move to Australia in 2009, Traidmarc began to turn his entire world around for the better. He restarted his education in an effort to obtain a degree in Media and further round out his skillset in the entertainment world. In his spare time outside of his studies, he continued to write music & refine his style as he focused intensely on turning his dreams into a reality by working around the clock 24/7.

By 2011 Traidmarc was no longer a secret. His debut single “Come Dance With Me” immediately went viral, taking-in an incredible million-plus hits, clicks, & views within just twenty-four hours of its release. Seizing the momentum & inspired by the support for his music, Traidmarc would go on to create several singles & write a wealth of material over the years to follow, establishing himself firmly in the scene and on the playlists of millions of listeners around the globe. Breaking through commercially with another massive hit in 2013 with his single “Got My Eyes On You” – it was clear that Traidmarc’s star was on the rise; and in 2014, he completed his degree in Media officially & prepared to take it all to the next-level.

Traidmarc’s story is one of redemption through hard work, relentless commitment, and a pure desire to be the best version of himself that he can now be. He’d go on to spend the years to follow building his corporate business, where he’s proudly employed over twenty employees in its head office in Melbourne – and his reputation for excellence saw him also land major opportunities to work with giant titans of the entertainment industry like Ten Network in Australia, and produce several programs for Foxtel Network.

Making an official return to the spotlight in 2019 with his skills sharper than ever before, Traidmarc has been surging up the charts once again with brand-new singles “Black Jeff” and “U Got Me” this summer. Designing songs that draw from his own unique experience and the journey that has made him into the entertainer, producer, artist, and man he is today – Traidmarc makes music that authentically moves people…because it’s real. His songs come straight from the heart – and they’re made directly for yours.

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