Embark on a dynamic sonic adventure with Traidmarc’s compelling albums, each a symphony of raw emotion and lyrical prowess, designed to transport listeners to the heart of Hip Hop culture where every beat pulses with life and every rhyme echoes the truths of the streets.

Slept Broke Woke Up Rich

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Success (The Best Revenge)

2022 | 12 songs | 50 min 9 sec

The Epilog (Deluxe Version)

2020 | 24 songs | 1 hr 45 min



Mar 2023

Money Taller Than Me

Dec 2022

Haute Living

Jan 2022

Rise Again

Sep 2021


Jul 2021

Sex Tape (leaked)

Oct 2021

End Sars

Oct 2020

Get Rich n’ Do Fuck All

Mar 2020

Let it Be Me

Sep 2020

Cold World

May 2020

Father Hear Me Calling 

May 2020

Got My Eyez on U

May 2020

Big Fish

May 2020

Black Jeff

Apr 2020


Oct 2019

Come Dance With Me

Sep 2011